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We provide our customers from the machine industry with interdisciplinary solutions in the areas of conformity, engineering, production and interim management. Sound expertise and highly qualified specialists and professionals make us a profitable partner for compliant solutions.

You may opt to accompany our experts over the entire development process of a system or a component and contribute your experience to the analysis, design, construction and manufacturing process. Our integral approach, sound expertise in the machine industry and metalworking fields and our well-connected project structures guarantee consistent compliance with high Swiss quality standards: from the concept development and the manufacturing of prototypes to efficient series production.

saprom. Swiss Manufacturing Experts

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Top engineering expertise
  • Cross-industry expertise
  • Production optimisation in accordance with the highest quality standards
  • Overall responsibility in one pair of hands on request
  • Access to qualified suppliers from various fields of expertise
  • Increase in process safety
  • Coordinated project targets, project plans and project strategies
  • Production- and assembly-oriented development
  • Production and assembly manufacture
  • Reduction in your production costs

Our philosophy: partnership on all levels

At all times we foster a reliable collaboration with our clients which is bound to all ethical standards and quality performance in all operational units. Our aim is to create added value for your products. To this end all saprom personnel act on a basis of high personal responsibility.

Our values at a glance:

  • Quality
  • Swissness
  • Sense of responsibility and reliability
  • Safety
  • Competence
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Customer proximity

Top solutions: our services and products

Our offer can be broken down into three fields of expertise: project administration, project management and production management. This allows us to meet your specific requirements efficiently and in a targeted manner.


»The highest quality standards and our sound expertise in the areas of administration, engineering, project management and production ensure your project’s success at every level.«

Patrick Degelo, CEO of saprom ag


Administration and risk management

Our risk assessments highlight the potentials and risks of your technical systems. These form the basis for identifying and documenting possible flaws and devising corrective action. This leads to increased safety and efficiency and your systems are guaranteed to be legally compliant and profitable in a sustainable manner.

Meeting current safety standards and legal requirements for compliance form an essential basis for successfully bringing machines and plants to market.

Our compliance assessment comprises the following contents:

  • Evaluation of relevant directives, standardisations and regulations for Europe, North America and China.
  • Risk assessments (FMEA/HAZOP)
  • Measurement and test reports
  • Declarations of conformity and incorporation
  • Development of concepts for bringing to market and commissioning technical systems in Europe, North America and China
  • Occupational health and safety consultation
  • Training and seminars
  • Assumption of responsibility for conformity

In order to be able to guarantee the safety of your employees, it is necessary to be aware of routine changes in laws, directives and standardisations. In this regard we offer you the relevant documentation and training.


To ensure the safety of your employees on a permanent basis, regularly changing laws, directives and standardisation not only have to be recognised, but correctly interpreted and implemented. They also have to be fully recorded in a system documentation.


Project implementation and project management

Our projects are characterised by high goal orientation, efficient execution and tailored flexibility. Only in this way can strategic goals and operational projects be realised with success. Here, constant monitoring of all involved interdisciplinary teams ensures that cost plans and deadlines are kept. This is achieved by carrying out detailed research in the run-up to the project in order to guarantee that the required internal and external resources and tools are correctly identified.

The project status is regularly checked, updated and communicated to our customers. This consistent documentation of all project phases produces a constant overview of the project status at any time and allows actions and decisions adopted to be easily followed on completion of a project.


The individual key functions of engineering consist in efficient, goal-oriented and sustainable hardware, software, construction and process development. This forms the cornerstone for the perfect comprehensive solution. Leveraging synergies of all project-relevant aspects yields multidisciplinary innovative solutions and provides our customers with state-of-the-art cost-optimised products.



We implement individual and innovative solutions from the areas of control and feedback control systems. We deliver everything in prime Swiss quality from customised wiring of complete control systems to series production for machine and plant engineering. Furthermore, our expertise is incorporated in assembly, commissioning, production support and troubleshooting so that all customer requirements are met.

Assembly production

We not only implement high-quality wiring concepts, but carry out assembly of individual part systems for complete assemblies in the areas of mechanics, electromechanics and electronics.


Interdisciplinary expertise: the partners


EYROS is a specialist in the areas of sales promotion, business development, growth, innovation management and digital transformation. It best understands today’s demands on professional marketing strategy and enjoys many years of practical experience.

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Perigon management accompanies small and medium-sized industrial enterprises (SMEs) on the challenging path to future-oriented company development. The ultimate goal here is in safeguarding future competitiveness in a lasting way by optimally combining processes and tools that are focused by internationally operating companies at specific needs and opportunities.

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